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a mostly abridged version

Hey, I'm Sadie! An engineer, turned baker. I've taken all the thermodynamics and heat transfer knowledge I learned in school, into the kitchen! And it all started because I needed to UNHURRY my life. Reset my priorities. To step away from all the things that were consuming my time and reinvest that energy into something I was passionate about and more importantly, into PEOPLE. So that's what I did. And I for one, know no better way to love on people than through food, so here we are.

Making crackers for YOU! 

BUT I don't want you to just eat these on the go, scarf them down for lunch, or inhale them on the way to a pick-up volleyball game (even though I admit, I've done it all). I want more for you...I want you to FULLY STOP.

For even just 1 minute of your day do a 'full stop', take a breather, & eat some crackers.

If you look at the Full Stop. logo, you can see a bike with some skid marks behind it. THAT is a full stop. Sometimes we just cruise on our super speedy bike all day long (aka we pack so much into our day) and never stop. I want to change that, even if just a little. So please, slam on the brakes, make some skid marks, & eat some more crackers. 

I want people to make time for people and for themselves.

It's "simply" the art of unhurrying (I'll let you know when I've mastered it, it's a tough one). 

Also...second reason, dramatically less dramatic, for naming the bakery "Full Stop." and the reason for the dramatic (am I noticing a trend here...?) period at the end; it's the queen's English and I like the way it sounds!

A full stop is a punctuation mark (the period), and is actually dubbed the "strongest punctuation mark". 


Sadie C. Stutzman

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